Rotary Projects Around the Globe August 2022


After governmental delays hampered the replacement of critical firefighting equipment damaged in responses to two major fires in 2021, the Rotary Club of Kos stepped in. Rotarians staged a dance marathon and a musical, raising $2,300 to purchase nearly 2,000 feet of firehose, nozzles, and pipe connections for the island’s fire department. “It’s better to prevent than to cure,” says Stavros Amaris, immediate past president of the club, paraphrasing Hippocrates, a famous son of Kos. Emergency preparedness is top of mind for the club, which also has organized blood drives and directed money to the Kos ambulance service.


Addressing needs caused by recent famine, clubs in District 9220 delivered 800 packages of rice, water, cooking oil, and other staples, as well as hygiene products, to the community of Ankiliabo in April. “Lately, the kere [famine or hunger in the local parlance] has taken on a great magnitude because the climate conditions do not allow the population in this area to live properly through agriculture and livestock,” says Narindra Razafinimaro, immediate past president of the Rotary Club of Antananarivo-Anosy, which led the effort. The Rotary Club of Saint-Denis-La Montagne, in the French department of Réunion, another island in the district, contributed about $2,700.